SNIC Science Cloud Workshop (May 2016)


Instructor: Salman Toor.
Level: Basic.


Location: KTH, Stockholm.

Visiting address: Room 304, PDC Teknikringen 14, 3rd floor, KTH Stockholm

Infrastructure: SNIC Science Cloud (OpenStack based Community Cloud).

Date & duration: 31:st May, (10:00 – 16:00).

Audience: Users and potential users of SNIC Science Cloud resources with basic understanding of IaaS.


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  • Introduction to SNIC Science Cloud (SSC).
  • Virtual Machines and Containers.
  • Resource Contextualization.
  • Cloud Service Orchestration.
  • Mantl, A Framework for Microservices Infrastructure.

Hands-on session topics:

1 – API based communication
2 – Resource contextualization using cloud-init
3 – Examples of automation with ansible-playbook
4 – Heat Orchestration Template (HOT)
5 – Getting started with Containers

Lab-Document (not ready yet)


First half (10:15 – 12:00): Lectures
Second half (13:00 – 16:00): Lab session


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