Who can use SSC ? The SNIC Science Cloud is a community cloud and use of the resources is free of charge to Swedish PIs and their collaborators. To apply for a project, you need an affiliation with a Swedish higher education institution.

Should I use SSC or SNIC HPC resources? The SSC IaaS resources are not meant to be a replacement of SNIC’s supercomputing resources (HPC clusters). Rather, it should be seen as a complement, offering advanced functionality to those users or RIs that need more flexible access to resources (for example more control over the operating systems and software environments), want to develop software as as service (SaaS), or want to explore recent technology such as for  “Big Data” (e.g. Apache Hadoop/Spark) or IoT applications. In addition, the IaaS resources open up for computational models not possible to support on traditional batch clusters, e.g.  Interactive Computing. The cloud computing resources are a good match for typical Many-Task Computing (MTC) and High-Throughput Computing (HTC) problems, especially if they require more customizations of software stacks, and/or exposure to users via e.g. WebUIs, but are to date not ideal for communication-intensive HPC.