Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

SSC offers IaaS services based on OpenStack. OpenStack is widely adopted both in academia and industry. This means that the solutions you develop based on SSC resources will be compatible with many commercial, public clouds.

A multi-site national cloud based on regions. SSC is made up of nationally distributed hardware, contributed as OpenStack Regions. Each region is hosted by one of the partner centers (HPC2N, UPPMAX, C3SE), and exposes own API endpoints. Hence, failure in one region should not affect services running in any other region. This provides for a flexible model for scaling resources, and as a user, you are able to develop highly resilient services by deploying resources across multiple regions. We have taken measures to standardize on e.g. instance types (flavors) and images so as a user, combining resources in multiple regions will be seamless.

The HPC2N Region is composed of a number of new, modern cloud servers. It consists of 14 Nodes, 364 physical cores (hosting up to 1416 vCPUs), 3.9TB RAM and 28TB Storage. The HPC2N region currently exposes Nova and Cinder services. 

The C3SE Region consists of compute hardware based on a previous generation resource called Beda, with the control plane made up of more modern hardware. Currently 384 Physical cores 1.2TB RAM and 12TB Storage is deployed, with more resources standing by if needed. The C3SE region currently provides Nova and Cinder services.

The UPPMAX Region is based on new control plane hardware for additional stability, and on the previous generation HPC cluster “Milou” and the “Aspius” block storage resource. The UPPMAX region currently provides Nova and Cinder services.