Information Security Workshop

The work on SNIC Science Cloud is progressing rapidly. Today we are operating two fully functional regions (at HPC2N and C3SE), with capacity to host over 2000 VCPUs. That capacity will soon double with the addition of our third region provided by the UPPMAX centre.

As part of assessing the readiness of the project to start delivering production resources, we gathered last week for an Information Security Workshop organized by theĀ SNIC office. It was two intensive days filled with interesting potential scenarios, and corresponding mitigation options.

One major outcome of the workshop was a more extensive list of topicsĀ that we need to carefully explain to the users of the IaaS systems, in a structured manner. This is important input that we will bring with us into the work on finalizing a draft service description for SSC, and a security guideline, that we are currently working on.