Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS is typically refereed to as Software exposed to users, typically in a WebUI, without the complexity of managing PaaS or IaaS explicitly. Use of SaaS can be as easy as surfing to a webpage in  your favorite browser.

The SNIC Science Cloud project encourages use of our IaaS and PaaS services for development and deployment of SaaS for the benefit of targeted user groups. This should however, be done and maintained by domain experts of that software. Thus, if you are a PI developing SaaS, you are responsible for the deployment and for following best practices regarding e.g. security. If you are a potential user of a SaaS and you need assistance, please contact a SNIC application expert from your domain.

Current SaaS deployed in SNIC Science Cloud

In the early phases of the project, we have deployed and we maintain a small selection of commonly requested SaaS as a proof of concept.